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    Starting to use a new product or service might be a bit confusing and we are happy to assist our clients when they make their first steps with the App. Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions we are getting from our first users. Hope you’ll find them useful.
    Ropha Health Tech Limited Telemedicine App is the practice of medicine by using technology to deliver care at a distance. For instance, a Doctor in one location using telecommunication infrastructures to deliver care to a patient at a different location.

    What is telemedicine?

    • • Telemedicine is the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider/physician and patient are not physically present with each other.

      • This practice has been enhanced with technological advancement, allowing providers/physicians to see and hear patients while providing service remotely.

    Does a patient have to meet with a doctor in person before a visit can be conducted via video?

    • Not at all. The beauty of telemedicine is the convenience patients enjoy without compromising service.
    • It is better to start with telemedicine consultation for a doctor to decide if an in-person visit is necessary.

    Is Ropha Health Tech Limited telemedicine challenging to use?

    • Ropha Health Tech Limited is very easy to use. The interface is very self-explanatory.

    Is telemedicine private and secure?

    • Yes, Ropha Health Tech Limited is very secure with end-to-end encryption. The platform was designed to keep patient’s health records secured.

    Is the quality of care the same as an in-person visit?

    • The quality of telemedicine as a method of healthcare delivery is confirmed by decades of research and demonstrations. Telemedicine is a safe, cost-effective, and convenient way for patients to receive healthcare.

    Can my children use the Ropha Health telemedicine app?

    • Yes, they can. Patients of all ages are allowed to use this app. However, it is always good for a parent to join in the video call.

    Can I allow other people to use my account to consult with a doctor?

    • We strongly discourage you from allowing other people to use your account for consultation. By allowing others to use your account, it creates a distortion in your health record, which has the potential of affecting future healthcare. However, we encourage you to help others create their accounts, or you can create an account for them.

    During my consultation, will the doctor be able to review my medical records?

    • Yes, the doctor will have access to all your medical records saved on the Ropha Health Tech Limited app, current findings, and offer future treatment plans. You will also have access to all your medical records.

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